Wailon Tracking Apps

Chatterbox v1.4.3

Communication between the office and the field is essential when it comes to logistics management.

Eco Driving v2.0.0

Get improved fleet safety, reduced fuel costs, cost-effective fleet maintenance, and revamped cargo safety

Dashboard v1.4.2

Wished for all KPIs in one place? Now you have it! Introducing Dashboard, an app that is specially designed

Driving Logbook v2.2.1

Employees often end up using their company cars for personal uses. This not only results in non-compliance

service-new-1 Logo

You need it, we got it! A multilingual mobile application is now available for Wialon Hosting SaaS-solution

Track Player Service

Track Player visualises the movement of one or more of your fleet vehicles. The app allows fleet owners to follow

Specialised Industry Apps


Now, turn your smartphone or tablet into a GPS tracker with WiaTag. The application is an efficient mobile workforce

NimBus Service

NimBus: Public transport tracking made easy. NimBus seamlessly blends the satellite tracking system with tools design


Process automation is a buzzword today, with businesses around the world striving to introduce the concept