service8Logistics v2.4.1

Process automation is a buzzword today, with businesses around the world striving to introduce the concept in their organizations. For those who have not been able to apply the concept in their organizations, Logistics by Gurtam is the right solution. Separate apps for drivers and dispatchers allow businesses to control the entire order management process, right from the placement of orders, planning and distribution to route optimization and coordination for couriers and parcel deliveries.

Logistics by Gurtam helps businesses keep the route handy, utilize GIS data from Google Maps to more precisely pinpoint address information and routing, use reports for more accurate analytics and keep in touch with the recipients through email notifications with the inbuilt HTML editor.

  • URL to connect:
  • Components: SDK, orders
  • URL paramerers: Active SID, Base URL, Host URL, Language, Current user
  • Language: EN, BR, DA, ES, FA, FI, IT, PT, RU, SK
  • Browser:Google20+Firfox15+Opera10+IE9+Safari5+
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