Driving Logbook v2.2.1Driving Logbook v2.2.1

Employees often end up using their company cars for personal uses. This not only results in non-compliance but also leads to high costs for the company. This is where Driving Logbook comes into play. The application helps generate tax reports based on the actual use of the vehicle during official and private trips.

Driving Logbook by Gurtam helps you manage trip status, customise tables, insert comments for each trip, and print reports right from the app.

  • URL to connect: apps.wialon.com/drivinglogbook
  • Components: sdk
  • URL paramerers: Active SID, Base URL, Host URL, Language, Current user
  • Language: EN, BR, DA, ES, FA, FI, IT, PT, RU, SK
  • Browser:Google20+Firfox15+Opera10+IE9+Safari5+

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