NimBus ServiceNimBus

NimBus: Public transport tracking made easy.

NimBus seamlessly blends the satellite tracking system with tools designed for passenger transportation management. The service can be used by bus companies to create stops, optimize routes, deploy vehicles along a route, manage schedules, and monitor route performance in real time. NimBus features a user-friendly interface that allows intuitive navigation, convenient timeline and event-based notifications for online tracking, special ACL system and a proprietary API for third-party integration and deployment.

A bus company can start using the solution by adding or importing stops and creating routes, adding schedules and binding units. It can then plan future rides, track unit movements in real time, and generate reports that are right in details.

  • URL to connect:
  • Components: sdk, nimbus
  • URL paramerers: Active SID, Base URL, Host URL, Language, Current user
  • Language: EN, BR, DA, ES, FA, FI, IT, PT, RU, SK
  • Browser:Google20+Firfox15+Opera10+IE9+Safari5+

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